I pride myself on my creativity, technical knowledge and hard working ethic. I spent over ten years doing Landscape Photography, had an exhibition in America and decided I needed a change. That was 12 years ago. Friends who were photographers persuaded me to start photographing people. Two years later in 2002 I submitted my portfolio to Fujifilm Professional and was accepted onto their “envisage” program for professional portrait photographers.

One thing that sets me apart from many Professional Photographers is that photography is not my  job. I actually have a very rewarding career in the Space and Defence industries.  All my photography is done in my spare time (Some corporate executives play golf, or go skiing…I take photos). I’ve always wanted to be the best at whatever I do and my photography is no exception. Some might argue that because I don’t earn a living and work full time as a Photographer,  I cannot say I am a Professional Photographer. I’ll be honest and say you are entitled to your opinion. I’ll let the photos do the talking…I can say I am a Photographer ;-)

The Real Mike Holdsworth Please Stand Up!

 My work travel has taken me to some fabulous locations and I have occasionally managed to take my camera with me. Often it’s just the inside of airports or views from the taxi that I get to photograph. It’s amazing what you can get out of a short space of time in a foreign country as its all new and different, everything is interesting.

Married to a lovely wife, with two amazing toddlers and a St Bernard & mutant giant cat, I like to balance my photography with having a life. I don’t do that much that all my photos look the same, and I do enough that I can keep pushing my creative and technical boundaries.


My wife used to work at Shepperton Studios booking production crew for films, music videos and commercials. From time to time I would pick up odd bits of photography through her company if they either had no/low budget or were let down at the last minute. This was a massive learning curve, and I feel that I have been tempered by fire now. I also had a milestone in my photography when I worked for Dentsu (The worlds largest media agency) on a Canon shoot with the famous Japanese footballer Hidetoshi Nakata. I was the main Stills Assistant and had to prep and organise two complete studio setups for the Japanese photography team. I learnt more in the week I worked for them than I knew previously (ten years at the time replaced with a week with Dentsu). It was a massive jump in my lighting capability. I’m still now about 6 years later pulling ideas out of my head that are based on those days. Over the years I have accidentally built up some interesting clients including:

Note to Canon Users: I worked for Canon, photographing Canon products with a Hasselblad and Nikon. ;-)

 2013 Update

Usually I get round to looking at my site about once a year, realise there is too much to do and do a brief but concise update. Here is this years – better late than never. Due to the busy nature of work and life this year there hasn’t been much time left for photography and even less for updating this website with new content so apologies its a bit bare – Less Is More and all that.

My plan is to slowly bulk the site out in key areas and these will include newly edited shots to freshen things up. The first area I have worked on is Casting Shots so click here to take a look. Wow – I actually got round to doing something lol!

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