How I got into photography

My journey as a Photographer began when I was probably 14. So 1988. I at least know that was probably when I started “borrowing” my mums Pentax Manual SLR and her film and then taking photos with it. She never mentioned the mysterious camera fairy and how these films kept getting used up. Every now and then they’d make their way to PictureEsk in Whitby, North Yorkshire to get processed and turned into the magic of prints. Oh those heady days when the anticipation grew as you had no idea what was going to be coming back. None of the immediacy of digital back then.

Well after two years of not being able to take her own photos, my mum and gran ganged up and bought me my own second hand Pentax camera with bag and various lens and filters and widgets. This was for my 16th birthday so 1990. Its probably worth mentioning at this time that I come from a long line of Artists. Technically I am a very good draughtsman now and can draw exactly what is there in a perfect isometric view like I am going to make it, but artistically I was awful with paints, pen and ink and could not get down what was in my head and onto paper and get them to match. With photography I found a way of expressing my genetic disposition to be creative.

As I became more technically competent I became more creative. Once I started using studio lighting I think I found my true passion. Playing with light on a grand scale and being able to control that orchestra, positioning softboxes, umbrellas, reflectors etc tuning light power and angle and diffusion all became very much second nature to me. I take one look at a photo now and know exactly how it has  been lit.

So..where has my timeline gone. Gotta think in Facebook 2012 mode now… So I took loads of photos, initially on 35mm film then on medium format film and then i experimented with digital, kept going for a while with medium format and then finally moved over to digital lock stock. My professional photo submission in 2002 was entirely made up of Digital images shot on a Prosumer camera that I bought whilst working in America for about US$300 (Don’t tell them haha!!). In time I moved up and bought a Digital SLR and now I find myself with a state of the art Nikon that pushes me so hard to get the greatest shots its capable of I absolutely love this camera!

Some photographers get stale and never improve. They find their niche and just keep there at that level. Digital has destroyed this mentality and I am loving it. “Strive For Perfection!” I call it plateauing, where you rise high and then you have to have a flat period to go up in ability again. Half of the fun is understanding this happens and embracing it. I am so proud of where I have taken my photography in the last 12 months and am convinced I can really push it for 2012. So…here we are 2012, hope you like the site and the photos. Feel free to “Like” my page on facebook and keep an eye on what I am up to. Or just browse around and look at pictures!

It’s all good fun!