RingFlash #1: Building A Robust System

I used the Orbis Ringflash once, I thought it was a bit wobbly in usage with my Nikon SB-24. I do have the Orbis Arm with my Orbis Ringflash. I tried a few differen permutations, using wireless triggers and using wired cable. I opted for a Nikon wired cable in the end. It is so robust and such a solid mount for the flash. The cheap wireless transmitters I have I just thought would break (more on that later).

I tried it out, worked out where I wasn’t happy with “slop” and movement and ruggedised it with ballistic foam covered in duck tape and zip ties. I also added a 6VDC Battery pack from a Scooter and wiring and fake AA Batteries to give me a battery pack.

Only thing I am not quite happy on is the mount now for the battery pack. I also thought about adding a handle to allow easier shooting of portrait mode shots.