Liang Yang Is TR-8R in Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Damn I was so excited when I heard that had acknowledged that the Stuntman behind TR-8R (FN-2199 aka ‘nines’ ) was Liang Yang. Liang is a lovely guy, so hard working and awesomely talented. His IMDB shows just how good he actually is. Weird thing is there aren’t that many photos of Liang on the internet as he is usually in there kicking ass and its usually the main character’s ass he is a wupping.

Below is a gif of Liang Yang as TR-8R fighting John Boyega in Star Wars – The Force Awakens!

Liang Yang Fighting John Boyega in Star Wars The Force Awakens

I thought I’d load up some of the shots from ‘Underground’ which is a film we both worked on back in the day. The originals are archived somewhere so I might do an additional edit and some larger outputs of these – I just found these on a hard drive that I’d outputted way back.

Underground 59 Underground 61 Underground 63 Underground 65