Jon Campling – Shoreditch #1

Back in April 2014 I put some logistical effort into finding locations around Shoreditch near my office for using as on-location shoots. To be fair, you don’t really need to be this organised in Shoreditch and you can just wander around and get some really good shots regardless. But I like to plan. Plus with my main work being really busy I like to make the most of my occasional forays outside.

I also needed to test out my ringflash in anger finally and after 6 months of being based in Shoreditch (now its over a year lol) it was time to do some photos. Call up my bro Jon Campling, Actor/Deatheater and all round good guy in a beard one lunchtime and we were up and running. literally…

TFL did not play fair and so in the end we had slightly less than 16 minutes of shooting time. We took 70 shots over 3 locations and we got a nice high percentage of keepers. Here are some of my favourites.