Oliver Price – Character Actor and IFBB Bodybuilder

  Shots taken in between comps of Oliver Price IFBB Bodybuilder, Character Actor and thoroughly nice person. Oliver had a mound of chocolate and treats ready for him when he finished his comp, and I came round to shoot in between competitions. He let me have a Caramac, though he had to be allowed to smell it before letting me eat it. Talk about torturing yourself, so I ate it as quick as I could to make him feel better!


Jaco De Bruyn-Wbff Pro at Bodypower 2013

I was quite proud in 2013 when Jaco used one of my shots for some considerable time as his profile photo. When you realise how many photoshoots he has done and some of the top photographers he has worked with I felt pretty chuffed. An awesome gent, who is supremely easy to photograph. I had maybe 3 minutes with him backstage in my mobile pro studio at Fit Factor at Bodypower and got some belters. Thanks to Tavi Castro for making the intro and Jeff Fitness Videos for pointing Tavi in the right direction when he asked where Mike was setup!


Mark Oakes Studio Shoot 2013

Had a great Showshoots Studio shoot with Mark and Heather Oakes. As with any of my shoots you get a wide selection of lighting and background styles and therefore a variety of shots that you can use. These were around 8 separate and distinct types of shoot-within-a-shoot. Shown below are two separate styles of lighting but with a similar style and composition so they go quite nicely together. More of the various types of shoots will be loaded up shortly. I shot this at a village hall near Mark and Heathers house, using my mobile professional studio equipment.