Jaco De Bruyn-Wbff Pro at Bodypower 2013

I was quite proud in 2013 when Jaco used one of my shots for some considerable time as his profile photo. When you realise how many photoshoots he has done and some of the top photographers he has worked with I felt pretty chuffed. An awesome gent, who is supremely easy to photograph. I had maybe 3 minutes with him backstage in my mobile pro studio at Fit Factor at Bodypower and got some belters. Thanks to Tavi Castro for making the intro and Jeff Fitness Videos for pointing Tavi in the right direction when he asked where Mike was setup!


Heather Jenks – Fitness Model Backstage at Fit Factor Bodypower 2013

Heather was one of the competitors at Fit Factor 2013 at Bodypower. I loaded this up because someone said I should photograph them for free to pad out my portfolio as I only seem to have blokes in it. Actually I just haven't found time to load content up much in 2013. So having to make up for it now ;-)