Ashley Beck – Stuntman and Professional Martial Artist

Always a pleasure working with Ash. Shot back in the day. Still for this shoot he is in my top 2 most organised people for a photoshoot, and this skill boded well for him as he went on to do stunts for Kick Ass 2, Snow White and The Hunstman, Iron Man 2, Angels and Demons, Game Of Thrones, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and Wrath of the Titans. Skills+Attitude=Excellence!  


Gordon Alexander Actors Headshots

Another entrant to the Holdsworth all day studio was my good buddy Gordon, who took advantage of the facilities to have a selection of different looks done for Actors Headshots. Actually the first thing I did when I moved to London was Actors Headshots so it was kind of nice to have a go at it again. I think people forget I can offer this ;-)