Work Trips

Dubai Stomp 2

In my second work trip to Dubai in 2013 I found myself in a hotel with no visible walkway to anywhere. So with a few hours to burn on a Sunday after my flight I set-off under clear instructions from the Hotel Porter that I should catch a cab and not walk as it was desert round the corner. So off I set and after one block I found myself walking through desert. Not very Lawrence of Arabia but more Auf Wiedersein Pet as I walked through what had presumably been a desert but now resembled a building site. After about 40 minutes I found myself at Dubai Marina, stopping for some much needed water and shade.

I decided to see if I could walk the whole way round it to waste a few hours. I didn’t take many photos there, but it was nice to stroll in the heat. I didn’t make it round though.

When the conference had finished I was stuck in The Atlantis Hotel with no room as I stayed elsewhere and a few hours to kill so I took my camera and went for a stroll around to catch some shots of the interior of this stunning hotel. It really is quite amazing. More resort than hotel with all the facilities there. The aquarium is one of the most impressive things I have seen. Ever.

It could only be improved by being in Yorkshire.